So, you just bought a new apartment and you are facing the challenge of designing a small yet very practical bathroom. Usually, the ladies dream of a big bathtub, where they can have long and relaxing bubble baths, while gentlemen would rather have a shower that reminds them of the gym locker room, an option that is faster and more practical from their point of view. How are you going to handle the situation and please all the family members considering you have only a few square feet to work with?

How do you decorate a small bathroom?

First of all, you need to know that the bathroom is the room for which the design is the most costly per unit of surface, therefore you need to assure a realistic budget. Moreover, when it comes to renovating a whole apartment, the bathroom is the room you have to start with, not only because it draws a lot of funds, but also because in more than often a subject of dispute.

What should you do to make sure that the bathroom is working for all the family members, even if you have a really small surface?

  • Use the wall surface for storage. Mount collapsible shelves that can accommodate clothes, towels, personal care products or detergents, shelves that can be retracted when they are not used. Keep in mind that wall hooks can be very useful as a support for many thing in your bathroom.


  • Choose items with rounded edges. Those with straight lines tend to visually decrease the space.
  • A large mirror placed behind the sink will give the illusion of a much larger space. Moreover, it also very useful and it will be appreciated by every family member.


  • You can go for a shower, but if some family members want a bathtub, you can choose a corner tub that can also be used as a shower if you mount a curtain or some plexi-screens.


  • You really don’t need a huge sink. One of reduced size will be just as useful as a large one. And don’t forget to make the best of the space beneath it. It could be the perfect place to store some bathroom items.


  • Use glossy tiles on the walls. They may be harder to maintain, but they are better at reflecting light, thus creating the illusion of a larger space, just like the mirror does.
  • Use light colors which broaden small spaces: peach, cream, white and beige.

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