If you prefer a quick shower like me, with lavender aromatherapy products around -rather than a long relaxing bath in the tub, then you must learn the “art” of shower choosing, to make sure you choose one that’s very functional, but also offers a dose of pampering. A shower can be present in both generously sized bathrooms and narrow spaces. Also, it’s perfect as an alternative in big houses with multiple rooms for this purpose.

The first step in choosing your shower is evaluating the available space. After you have assessed the space, you can decide whether you can fit a shower with a square, rectangular or round tray, a simple shower or a hydro-massage cabin.


The most common situations is when the shower cabins are mounted on a spare corner of the bathroom. If that’s what you want, make sure you purchase an appropriate one. Study the way the door opens so you don’t find yourself in the hilarious yet sad situation where the door stops into the wall. There are some other situations – rare, that’s true – when people mount the shower enclosure between three walls, which means the front door is the only one necessary, but make sure it’s not a sliding one.


No matter what shape you go for, the quality of the side panels is of utmost importance. They can be made out of safety glass or plastic, but the most common material is, in fact, glass. If you want to allow access in the bathroom while you are in the shower, make sure you choose a matte glass type, so think ahead.

Let’s go back to the opening a little bit. When choosing the type of door opening, take into consideration all possible obstacles, especially in small bathrooms, may they be walls, sinks, cabinets, radiators and so on. It is also essential to harmonize the shower with the other pieces of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture; so pay attention to the colors and especially to the fixtures. If you have chrome fixtures in one part, don’t go for silver in the other.



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