How would you like to have a Japanese bathroom at home?

In the Japanese culture, the bathroom plays a very important role and it is decorated with great care. Japanese bathrooms are large and very relaxing, therefore the design must be modern and minimalist, with several natural elements like plants and stones, but without too many pieces of furniture. Such a room will be airy, spacious and will induce a sense of quiet and calm.

We mentioned before the idea of having natural elements in the bathroom. An orchid, a bamboo or, if the space allows it, a miniature garden are all great choices. The Japanese style involves the use of natural materials in finishes as well. Bamboo, although it’s not exactly cheap, is the most common option.

japanese bathroom 1

Unfortunately, your bathroom might not be too spacious, and most likely, the specific “buried” bathtub might be impossible to achieve, especially if you leave in an apartment. In this case, you can use a trick to create the illusion of a bathtub in the floor: install wooden stairs around it. If you give up the bathtub idea and you choose a shower, mount wooden panels and wooden sliding doors. For an astonishing effect, combine wood with opaque glass.

The tile and wall floors should have either natural shades of green or neutral tones of beige, grey or even black. Save some space for a really big plant or, of you don’t have any free space, put up a photo-wallpaper with an image captured in nature.

Japanese bathroom flower

For a complete look and for the Asian style to seem as authentic as possible, don’t forget about the small accessories that make the difference. Wherever possible, place candles. You can put them together in asymmetrical groups or create even “islands of light”. The glass bowls filled with colored petals are also a nice addition.


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