You definitely want to be able to offer what’s best to your children, so if you are planning on buying a new house, or if you are going to renovate your old one, you should consider designing your children their own bathroom. And this is not for the priceless look on their faces when they find out they have their own place for personal hygiene, but because they will learn much faster to care for the things that belong to them and because, as time passes, the need for intimacy will become increasingly acute.


Recent trend with regard to decorating children’s bathrooms are all about their passions and interests. Therefore, if you want to create a space where they feel comfortable and which represents them, you need to take into account what interests them, even though this things are very changeable at early ages.

Vivid colors, painted items and stickers are the most present elements in a modern child’s bathroom. The most important thing for your child is to feel attracted by the design you have chosen. You can also consider designing a thematic bathroom, based on a movie your child or children enjoyed watching, or their favorite superhero.


Colors and accessories are two elements that together are able to form a magical setting for the little ones. While you have to respect a lot of chromatic rules when decorating a room for an adult, when it comes to decorating something for a child, you don’t need to worry about using too many colors. They truly love colors and turquoise, pink, yellow and green are clear colors, very suitable for what you want to achieve. As prints, stripes and polka dots are great options. And don’t forget, rubber ducks are probably the most loved creatures ever created.


At last, don’t forget to ask your children what they like and allow them to be actively involved in the process.


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