The place dedicated to your personal hygiene needs to be practical while also emitting a relaxing vibe, therefore we are going to bring to your attention a few bathroom decor mistakes you need to avoid.


Unrealistic budget planning

You will be tempted to underestimate the costs because – hey – the bathroom is a small room, right? In fact, the things are quite different, with the materials costing quite a bit, and the labor being all but negligible. Furthermore, if you are decorating an older bathroom, unexpected costs might appear, for things like replacing old and damaged pipes. It would be wise to keep a part of the budget as a reserve, to make sure you don’t find yourself in the position of not being able to finish the work or borrowing money.

When planning your bathroom, you need to decide exactly what you want and write down everything. Will you buy a bathtub or a shower? One or two sinks? Ceramic tiles or marble for the floor? After that, take sufficient time to visit all the stores and consult with the specialists. Only after you have a very detailed plan can you actually start working.

construction bathroom

Failing to consider appropriate storage spaces

Even if you are a fan of the minimal style and you have focused primarily on the bathrooms’ aesthetic, don’t forget about functionality, about the fact that you need to have a place to store towels, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper and all sorts of other small things. Therefore you need to think about proper storing solutions right from the beginning, in the planning stage. Be careful and don’t underestimate the number of things you will have to find storage for.


Insufficient ventilation

Moisture, steam and unpleasant odors need to be evacuated somehow, therefore the ventilation system is of utmost importance. The best solution would be a window, but in some cases, especially if you live in an apartment building, this might not be possible. If that’s the case, you need to mount a ventilation system as powerful as the size of the room requires it.

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