In the previous article we discussed many bathroom decor mistakes, but because we haven’t exhausted the most important ones, here we are again with a few more points.

Insufficient lighting in the bathroom

Light is an element that greatly influences the functionality of the room, and when you choose the fixtures, you are prone to two big mistakes: too few lighting sources or improper positioning. For sufficient lighting in the bathroom, you should have a main source on the ceiling, accompanied by secondary lights in several areas of interest, such as the mirror, the make-up corner, the shower (to prevent injuries), or the drug cabinet. Make sure all the fixtures are specially design for the bathroom, since they need to be resistant to moisture and heat.


The bathroom is inconfortable


You should always start the planning with assessing the available space. The area surrounding the sink, the toilet or the bathtub should be large enough to feel comfortable and, in order to properly open any door or drawer you need at least 25 inches.

If you have a small bathroom, for it to be comfortable you should be prepared to compromise. For instance, you could give up the bathtub and replace it with a shower, or replace the fancy over-sized sink with one fitted on top of a cabinet that also offers storage space.

small bathroom

Not enough personality

Even though your bathroom may be perfect in terms of functionality and, moreover, it respects a certain style’s guidelines, there are some details that can make it a not so good fit in the general context.

modern bathroom tiles, modern design, kitchen

Firstly, you need to make sure the bathroom is not discordant with the rest of the rooms and it reflects your taste and personality. To make it truly yours, place some surprise elements: a vase, a natural plant, a unique color combination, whatever you like.

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